Sunday, 5 August 2012

Value your Independents

Far too often I find myself stuck in one of those over-heated, faceless, crowded, awful places some people call a shopping center, or mall. I can’t see the appeal of being in such a place, personally. The shops are all the same, the shop assistants don’t seem to care, and making a purchase only serves to give you that swift feeling of instant gratification before you storm off to the shoe department of house of fraser and do it all again, causing more damage to your bank account than you dare to think about. When did shopping become so un-fun?
This is why I have now made a pact with myself to try to shop solely in independent stores. Take a look around your local neighbourhood. There’s plenty of them around. Cute little boutiques filled with personality, shop assistants and owners that care about their products, designer fashion at affordable prices, vintage clothes filled with memories, waiting to be worn once more… all wrapped up with tissue paper and placed delicately in a nice paper bag.

          Next time you’re in town, and you begin to head for the department store on auto-pilot, stop. Think. Turn around, and head instead towards that shop you pass all the time but hardly think to go in. And I think you will be pleasantly surprised. In Huddersfield town there are many places to start your own little quest for independents. The Byram Arcade is a shining example of creativity with a shop to suit pretty much anyone’s taste. Kitten Heels boutique has a gorgeous selection of pretty dresses for any occasion, by a range of up-and-coming designers. And Pixie Pop and posh is fab for indulging in retail therapy. But these are just a few examples! This weekend, go out and support your Independents, because without us, we might not have the option for much longer. Let me know how you get on, follow me on twitter @joannalomas.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Smart Casual

I don’t know two words that could ever evoke more stress and anxiety into a woman than ‘Smart - Casual’ (also fondly known as ‘smasual’)
The phrase immediately causes a stream of questions, “Should I wear a dress?” “Are jeans OK?” “Do I own anything ‘smart-casual’”, “what does that even mean?!”

After many events/parties/gatherings with this dreaded phrase on the invitation, I have come to the conclusion that it is simply better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. Which is perfect for me as I’m the kind of girl that prefers buying pretty dresses and sky-scraper heels to everyday trousers and shirts, even though it isn’t often I have an excuse to ever wear them. And being a designer/dress-maker myself, I always seem drawn to buying pretty sparkly fabrics!

However, a smasual opportunity arose on 31st May to finally wear my finest, with an invitation to the Examiner Community Awards. Thus I donned my floor length, backless black and silver dress, put on vast amounts of mascara and tottered out the door on my beautiful stilettos to this wonderful ceremony to celebrate the amazing and inspiring men, women and children of West Yorkshire. It was lucky my mascara was waterproof, as more than one of the stories adjoining the remarkable nominees and winners of the various awards brought tears to my eyes.

Alongside being thought-provoking and incredibly humbling, this event was a wonderful example of the translation of ‘Smart-Casual’. Beautiful cocktail dresses alongside simple shift dresses, all dressed up with statement accessories and fabulous shoes.

I was seated on a table with the beautiful Mandy Barwick. Also a firm believer in dressing up, I made her a dress to wear to the ceremony in black and silver with touches of her favourite colour – Hot pink!

Mandy was nominated for the ‘Services to Charity’ award, and was a very worthy winner! Having raised over 3 and a half million pounds for various charities including the West Yorkshire Forget Me Not Trust.

To anyone going to a ‘Smasual’ event anytime soon, who is in doubt or distress, My advice would be to pick one part of your outfit to be a statement, be it the shoes, dress, or jacket, and compliment accordingly! And with so many beautiful colours in the shops at the moment, don’t be afraid to be bold with colour and print! But if all else fails- never, ever, underestimate the power of the Little Black Dress!

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Some more from the shoot

So here a few more from the amazing photoshoot on sunday! I couldn't be happier! big shout out to Janet Jones (@naphillphotos) for her amazing work! Never had so much fun on a shoot - and it was absolutely freezing so that is a huge feat! the gorgeous models are Rose (@roseisafruit) and Kim (@KIMBINNS) and they survived the bitter cold too in far less than what I was wearing!
Let me know what you think - these images + more will be featured on my new website when it launches very soon! =D

Sunday, 29 January 2012

News News News

OSH GOSH it's been a loooong time since I wrote anything on here to share with the world which is SCANDALOUS as I feel so much has happened (obviously been far too busy to keep up to date with things) but at the same time I have no idea where to begin....

ok. so here's a picture!

Isn't it beautiful?!! It's the first from my latest photoshoot featuring sample pieces to demonstrate my new mobile personal tailoring service - whereby I can visit you at home or at work, work with you to design your perfect dress, then make it for you in your own choice of colours and fabrics =D neat yes?!

This photo is also going to feature in my first ever advert in brand new, Leeds based, glossy magazine - Urban Coco =D

The full series of images will also be available to view in the gallery of my brand new website which will hopefully be launching in the next couple of weeks!

I can't think of anything more right now.... it is gone 4am afterall...

hope everyones marvellous

love love love


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A New Era

A new era of Jlomas Designs is slowly dawning...

This morning I moved my industrial sewing machine to my house as I will now be operating my business from home! a risk? possibly..... will I be able to pull myself out of bed in the morning? I hope so. 
I have A LOT of work to do. lots of christmas party dresses to make, events and fashion shows to go to... busy busy busy! So hopefully this move will benefit me enormously!
wish me luck!
christmas dress photies coming soon

much love xxx